Mobile Apps Development 90%
Web Development 80%
Desktop Solutions 70%
SEO Services 67%

NestedApps is a Software and Application design company. We are a team of workaholic, driven and talented group of individuals with the passion for the growing business needs. We are a Bangladeshi company, but we commit ourselves in achieving international standard.

Our Team

Amit ChowdhuryCo Founder & CEO

Amit Chowdhury

Co Founder & CEO

A Computer Engineer, who breathes so that he can make successful App. But his true skill flourishes in NestedApps where he leads the talented crew in making the most amazing of Apps & Games. Currently spends his time making plans to rule the world with his business ideas.

Rezoan Ahmed Shuvro

Co Founder & Chairman

By qualification he is an Electronic & Communication Engineer. His true passion is to develop complex software and business solutions for corporations around the world. He is an entrepreneur with a keen insight for innovation and creativity.

Rezoan Ahmed ShuvroCo Founder & Chairman

Mohammad Izabul KhaledCo Founder & COO

Mohammad Izabul Khaled

Co Founder & COO

By education Izabul is a Computer Engineer. Has designed and programmed multiple popular games on iOS and Android. Now He is managing the operations at NestedApps.

Avigit Kumar Saha

Co Founder & CTO

Avigit is a Computer Engineer. One of the top student of his class, he is an amazingly gifted and devoted coder. He started his career as a game programmer, he is known for his profound knowledge about advanced theoretical programming & enterprise solutions. He constantly visits Tech conferences and shakes millions of hands to promote NestedApps.

Avigit Kumar SahaCo Founder & CTO

Ullas DharCo Founder & Creative Director

Ullas Dhar

Co Founder & Creative Director

A graduate in Oriental Art, this little dynamo is a powerhouse of creativity. Originally started his artistic endeavor as a graphics designer. But this overly talented gentleman is always restless for success. Currently he is working restlessly to flood his creativity in designing App & Games.